My Approach

My approach to counseling comes primarily from a Cognitive-Behavioral perspective but I also integrate other theoretical approaches into the counseling process.  I do believe that a person’s thoughts and beliefs about events lead directly to their feelings and the way they experience life, but also recognize that different people require different approaches. I do not believe in providing a “one size fits all” approach to counseling and see each individual as just that, an individual. I work with each client to develop a treatment plan that is catered specifically to the needs of that client.

I ascribe to the Wound Theory of substance abuse. I believe that most people who use drugs or alcohol are doing so because they have been wounded by some person or event from their past.  This wound could have been physical or emotional and there are myriad ways it could have been inflicted. At some point in the person’s life, they learned that using drugs or alcohol helped them to not think about the pain they were feeling, and that coping mechanism became too difficult to resist. A person will continue to use drugs or alcohol even if that use leads to extremely negative consequences. It is the bandage they have chosen to cover up their wound. Unfortunately, the wound still exists and when the bandage of substance abuse is removed, there is healing that still must take place. Until the wound is healed, the bandage will be sought.

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